Connection is essential to each and every one of us.  Our ability to connect with those around us impacts our ability to build and maintain healthy, supportive and lasting relationships with one another.  When an individual makes the choice to work through their life experiences which often include various degrees of loss, grief, trauma and difficult life transitions, he or she will become healthier and more resilient for the journey ahead.

Family Therapy

Our family is the foundation from which everything starts and learning how to effectively communicate with one another, resolve conflict and build healthy, supportive and lasting relationships is essential.

Individual Therapy

Who we are at our core is essential to how we interact and navigate with one other, the world and form relationships.  The people, places, events and experiences we have in life impact our ability to establish healthy boundaries with others, build up or tear down our self-esteem and influence our ability to find our inner voice and feel empowered.

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